Dry Ice

Garden Grove Organics is now Northern Kentucky and downtown Cincinnati’s source for dry ice. We are now selling dry ice by the pound at our Covington, KY retail location, conveniently located right across the street from the Covington Post Office. Need to ship something cold? How about sending some long-distance friends or relatives some ice cream from Graeter’s or some gelato from our neighbors at Golden Gelato? The possibilities are endless!

We carry dry ice in rice form for its convenience and ultra-strong cooling power. Dry ice rice is the same as regular block dry ice or dry ice pellets except that it comes in 3mm grains that resemble raw white rice. Dry ice rice is easy to weigh and measure since it’s ready to scoop. It’s also easy to fill the inside of a box for shipping and it makes better surface contact. Garden Grove Organics is the only place in the Cincinnati area to buy dry ice rice by the pound. And starting at $1.49/lb we have the best price too! Ask about in-store discounts and bulk pricing for even more savings.

Some of the many uses for dry ice:

* Keep perishables fresh – Dry ice can be used during power outage to prevent refrigerated foods from spoiling.

* Reduce hair loss for chemotherapy patients – A dry ice-cooled “cold cap” can reduce or prevent hair loss.

* Removing old tile floors – Dry ice breaks old glue bonds, freeing aging tiles.

* Fix a car dent – The rapid chilling of car metal will “pop” the dent without scratching paint.

* Trap insects – Dry ice can be used as bait to trap mosquitos, bedbugs, moths, and other insects due to their attraction to carbon dioxide.

* Make soda pop – Just add water, sugar and soda syrup.

* Preserve grain and seeds – Dry ice controls the pests that attack stored seeds and grain; it can also be used to generate the extremely cold temperatures some seeds need to germinate.

* Flash frezzing fish – Dry ice can be used to flash freeze freshly caught fish.

* Add spooky smoke to Halloween displays – Dry ice is the best way to get that creepy graveyard effect on Halloween.