Easy pH Mix 1.5 cu ft bag


This is our proprietary house blend. High water retention, high aeration, perfect pH stability.

  • perlite
  • rockwool
  • coconut coir
  • peat moss
  • compost

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Easy pH Mix is our proprietary soilless media container blend. It was designed by our founder, Casey, who is now manages the soil division for one of the largest gardening distributors, Hydrofarm. The Easy pH Mix is made in-house in small batches, and with the highest ingredients to ensure quality and consistency. The goal of this blend is to provide equally high aeration and water retention in combination with variable pH zones to allow maximum availability of each mineral in your nutrient solution. Why spend thousands of dollars on nutrients just to pour it onto a cheap peat moss blend? Available exclusively at Garden Grove Organics.

Some key benefits of using Easy pH Mix:

  • never adjust pH again
  • reuse it over and over
  • no mystery fertilizer
  • made in small batches

Garden Grove Organics EXCLUSIVE

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