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100 gal Reservoir, 53"x53"x13"

100 gal Reservoir, 53"x53"x13"

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100 gal Reservoir, 53" x 53" x 13"

Our line of flood tables, reservoirs and covers offer features that rival the competition at value prices.

"¢ True, full-size dimensions and volume to provide maximum growing area

"¢ Made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for longevity

"¢ Low profile to fit under flood tables and other hydroponic systems

"¢ Slightly convex & ribbed cover design for strength and drainage of any water that may collect on top

"¢ Convenient access porthole

"¢ Superior grid pattern design and multi-level drainage channels to promote fast and thorough drainage

"¢ Rounded corners for easy cleaning

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