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10'F 16AWG WT 110-120V Plug, 5-15P,Harness

10'F 16AWG WT 110-120V Plug, 5-15P,Harness

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10 ft 16AWG WT 110"‚¬œ120V Plug, 5-15P.  Designed for use with Phantom PHOTOBIO LED fixture models CX, MX, T and TX.

This "plug & play" harness provides the benefit of power connection and disconnection at the fixture level, reducing liability, electrical infrastructure costs, and labor costs.

"¢ Durable 10' length providing flexibility on proximity to available electrical outlet.
"¢ IP connector allows safe "plug & play" power transmission with dust and liquid resistance.  
"¢ The UV resistant power cable is white in color to maximize light reflectivity.

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