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Big Foot Mycorrhizae

Big Foot Mycorrhizae Concentrate 8 oz

Big Foot Mycorrhizae Concentrate 8 oz

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A brand new take on mycorrhizae! Big Foot Concentrate is anything but ordinary.

Big Foot Concentrate contains:

"¢ Endomycorrhizae (4 species, Glomus intraradices (aka rhizophagus intraradices), G. aggregatum, G. etunicatum, G. mosseae)
"¢ Softwood biochar (sourcing only Douglas Fir)
"¢ Kelp 
"¢ Worm castings 
"¢ Humic acid 
"¢ Trace minerals 

Through extensive research and development, it was found that by adding beneficials to Big Foots superior mycorrhizal spores, unprecedented colonization levels can be achieved. It's not just about how much mycorrhizae is in the product, it's about adding the correct ingredients to encourage vigorous growth in the rhizosphere. 

Big Foot Concentrate is a stand-alone all-in-one root inoculum that will limit transplant shock, increase yield and vigor, and lead to explosive root growth. Big Foot achieves all of this naturally and organically. Big Foot Concentrate must always be diluted in water and can be used as a transplant product and added to existing plants. It can run through drip lines passing through 90# mesh screen and most irrigating emitters.  

Big Foot Concentrate is OMRI Listed and CDFA OIM Registered for use in certified organic crop production. 

Applications: Soil drench, liquid root dip, cube soak.
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