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CenturionPro Gladiator Electropolished Wet / Dry

CenturionPro Gladiator Electropolished Wet / Dry

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CenturionPro Gladiator Electropolished Wet/Dry

The Gladiator is currently one of the highest capacity trimming machines in the world. This commercial-scale trimmer does heavy throughput without sacrificing quality, making it an incredibly powerful tool for any commercial operation. The Gladiator Standard System comes all-inclusive with the largest hopper in the industry, a 4-horsepower leaf collector suction system and CenturionPro's unique triple-bag kief filtration & trim collection system. These machines are specially designed to trim both wet and dry material. 

Input Voltage: 7Amp "‚¬œ 110V (Machine), 22Amp "‚¬œ 220V (Blower)
Dimensions: 30" L x 25" W x 28" H 
Weight: 165lbs 
Tumbler Diameter: 2 x 6.5" 
Tumbler Length: 2 x 30"� 
Number of Tumblers: 2 
Human Trimmer Replacement: 100 workers 
Processing Capability: Wet: up to 125 lbs/hr | Dry: up to 25 lbs/hr 
Cuts Per Minute: 75,000 
Warranty: 10 year

CPS5000: 2 Hybrid Wet/Dry Electropolished Tumbler
CPS5034: 2 Hybrid Wet/Dry Quantanium Tumbler
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