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CenturionPro Mini Parts Kit

CenturionPro Mini Parts Kit

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CenturionPro Mini Parts Kit

Parts Kit

This is an essential spare parts kit for the Mini Trimmer containing the following:
  • Parts Assembly Kit "‚¬œ 1
  • Kief Collection System "‚¬œ 1
  • Belt "‚¬œ 1
  • Cam Follower "‚¬œ 2
  • Brush "‚¬œ 1
  • Hoses "‚¬œ 2
  • Blade Adjusters "‚¬œ 2
  • Blade Adjuster Set Screws "‚¬œ 2
  • Reel Bearings "‚¬œ 2
This kit is great to have on hand to keep your Mini Trimmer operating at all times.
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