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Chinese Money Plant 4"

Chinese Money Plant 4"

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Pilea Peperomioides

Please understand the basic plant care needs and requirements before purchase.

We will pack the cutting/plant with utmost care and best materials (including heat packs during colder months) to insure the plant arrives to you in the condition in which it left our shop. If you request, we will send you pictures of the plant packaged before it goes out.

All cutting/plant purchases are FINAL. By purchasing, you agree to these terms.

Buyer is aware and understands that some damage to the cutting/plant can occur during transit that may include browning leaves, yellowing leaves, bent stems/leaves and rot on the leaves/stem/growth bud/aerial roots and that we, (the seller) are NOT liable for any of the damages once the cutting/plant ships. Fastest shipping is always recommended to avoid these issues.

If for some reason you receive the plant in poor condition due to delayed shipping, poor weather, etc. (which is out of our control) please let us know within 3 hours delivery time (noted on tracking history) of receiving it so we can take the steps to help you help the plant. An unboxing video will be required for any claims.

You and your plants' happiness are very important to us! We will do our very best to find a solution if a situation occurs.
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