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Link4 Corporation

iPonic 624 Hydro Cntrlr w/8 integr 115v outlets

iPonic 624 Hydro Cntrlr w/8 integr 115v outlets

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iPonic 624 All-In-One Two Room Grow Room Controller w/ 8 outlets

2 Zone Controller
"¢ Everything you need to control 2 zones, with 2 sensors - 1 for each zone
"¢ Zone 1 and Zone 2 can be completely, independently controlled
"¢ Communication module is included

8 Flexible Programmable Power Outlets
"¢ CO2 device outlet
"¢ Dehumidifier device outlet
"¢ Grow light outlets
"¢ Fan outlets
"¢ Custom devices

Two Combination Sensors Included
"¢ Temperature
"¢ Humidity
"¢ CO2 sensor
"¢ Light sensor
"¢ 16 ft sensor cable (optional extension cable available)

Independent Setpoints for Each Zone
"¢ Day/Night CO2 Setpoints
"¢ Day/Night Temperature Setpoints
"¢ Day/Night Humidity Setpoints
"¢ Light Duration

Built-in Data Logging
"¢ Use USB drive to store/restore data & settings
"¢ Graph data right on the controller display
"¢ Review sensor data for easy trouble shooting

Special Features
"¢ CO2 exhaust fan shut-off
"¢ Dual bank light control
"¢ Fuzzy logic CO2 control

"¢ Email & text notifications
"¢ Easy access to all readings and settings from your phone
"¢ Communication card included

Ease of Use
"¢ 120V/15A input with resettable breaker
"¢ Large readable touch screen display (auto darkens mode)


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